Synchronous objects for one flat thing, reproduced



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Palazzi, M., Shaw, N., Forsythe, W., Lewis, M., Albright, B., Andereck, M., Bhatawadekar, S., Ban, H., Calhoun, A., Drozd, J., Fry, J., Quintanilha, M., Reed, A., Schroeder, B., Skove, L., Thorndike, A., Twohig, M., Ahlqvist, O., Chan, P., Cressie, N. A., Turk, S., Johnson, J., Roman, C., Waterhouse, E., Delahunta, S., Haggard, P. & Noe, A. (2009). Synchronous objects for one flat thing, reproduced. ACM SIGGRAPH 2009 Art Gallery (p. 25).


Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced is an interactive screen-based work developed by The Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design and the Department of Dance in collaboration with renowned choreographer William Forsythe. Pivoting on Forsythe's masterwork of visual complexity, One Flat Thing, reproduced (OFTr), the Synchronous Objects project seeks to enrich cross-disciplinary investigation and creativity by revealing deep structures of choreographic thinking through a vivid collection of information objects in the form of 3D computer animation, annotation, and interactive graphics.

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