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This paper originally appeared as: Xi, J, chicharo, JF, Tsoi, AC & Siu, WC, On the INFOMAX algorithm for blind signal separation, WCCC-ICSP 2000. 5th International Conference on Signal Processing Proceedings, 21-25 August 2000, vol 1, 425-428. Copyright IEEE 2000.


This paper provides an analytical examination of the INFOMAX algorithm and establishes its effectiveness for blind signal separation using extensive simulation results. Results obtained show that the INFOMAX is not able to separate signal sources unless signal pre-processing is carried-out whereby the data to train the separating matrix is decorrelated. Further, results also show that if one uses the decorrelation pre-process alone it is able to effectively separate signal sources in many instances. Hence we conclude that the INFOMAX algorithm may not be a useful approach for signal separation.