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Zhang, Z. & Yu, P. (2007). The quality indicators of delivering e-learning for dementia care to nurses. In K. Kuhn, J. Warren & T. Leong (Eds.), World Congress on Medical Informatics (pp. P048). Netherlands and Australia: IOS Press.


The inadequate supply of trained professionals to provide quality care for people with dementia is a big problem. Elearning could provide an effective solution to this challenge. Although e-learning is not a new teaching method, a quality framework is lack that can be used to judge the quality of e-learning delivery for working nurses. This gap thus should be overcomed. Therefore, the primary aim of this study is to identify the quality indicator for effective elearning delivery. Based on these indicators, a quality framework of e-learning packages that teach nurses to deliver dementia care is constructed. The approach taken is systematic literature review. The literature in the fields of e-learning for adult education and nursing continuing education were reviewed. Based on critical analysis of published literature, our quality framework was constructed. It consists of seven components, namely, learner, facilitator, content, delivery mode, technology, service and outcome. Each component covers various issues that need to be further investigated.