Methods to evaluate health information systems



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Yu, P., Yu, H. & Soar, J. (2011). Methods to evaluate health information systems. Yixue Xinxixue Zazhi /Journal of Medical Intelligence, 32 (2), 15-21.


To ensure the introduction of a health information system (HIS) is on track and will bring in the ex-pected outcomes, it is essential to evaluate the critical success factors at every stage of the system introduction life cy-cle. Based on comprehensive literature research and personal experience of evaluating HIS, the author proposes a multi -method approach that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative research, conceptualized through the DeLone and McLean Information Systems Success Model. The advantage of this approach is not only identifying the factors impacting on implementation success, but also distinguishing the critical factors from the less important ones.Thus it will facilitate management in prioritizing effort to address the key challenges at different stages of system introduction. This evidence -based management decision support will reduce the failure rate and maximize the benefits of HIS investment.

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