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This paper originally appeared as: Robinson, DA, Gosbell, VJ, Perera, BSP & Mannix, DJ, Establishment of typical harmonic voltage levels in radial distribution systems, Proceedings. Ninth International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power, 1-4 October 2000, vol 3, 1053-1058. Copyright IEEE 2000.


This paper reports on a simple method to identify problem areas with relation to harmonic distortion within radial distribution systems at the planning stage. The purpose of the work is to produce a simple method of establishing harmonic distortion levels throughout a study distribution system when only limited system data and load information is available. The preliminary work presented in this paper is aimed at establishing useful planning guidelines for utilities to help with the analysis of harmonics in medium voltage (MV) distribution systems during the design phase. Harmonic analysis during the design of a distribution system is seen as an important step in controlling harmonic distortion levels.