A novel AWG demodulation system in electronic engineering



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Z. Liu, H. Li, C. Miao, H. Yang, H. Chen, K. Lu, E. Li & K. Wei, "A novel AWG demodulation system in electronic engineering," Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 177, (7818) pp. 315-319, 2012.


The fiber Bragg grating FBG sensor arrays are used in the civil engineer works, as well as in health signal monitoring of the human body in electronic engineering. In this paper, a new type of fiber Bragg grating demodulation system that employs an arrayed waveguide grating AWG is researched and realized. The principle of the demodulation method based on AWG is analyzed, and intensity-demodulating method is used to demodulate the wavelength of FBG sensors based on the building up of an experimental platform. The results show that the wavelength demodulation of the system has high linearity for fiber Bragg grating, the system gives a wavelength accuracy of 0.001nm. The demodulation error of human body temperature signal is 0.16°C. It can be applied to the human body temperature measurement.

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