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This paper originally appeared as: Jia, D, Dutkiewicz, E & Chicharo, JF, Performance analysis of QoS mechanisms in IP networks, Proceedings. Fifth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, 3-6 July 2000, 359-363. Copyright IEEE 2000.


Integrated services IP networks are expected to provide a variety of services with differentiated QoS. This requires the implementation of mechanisms that can discriminate service classes in terms of QoS. The IETF has recently proposed a differentiated services (Diffserv) framework for provision of QoS. In this paper we analyse the performance of two Diffserv mechanisms: threshold dropping and priority scheduling in terms of packet loss and mean packet delay. A comparison of the two mechanisms is carried out with the requirement that both mechanisms provide the same level of packet loss for the preferred flow. This comparison extends the results reported in the literature for these two mechanisms. In particular, in this paper we determine the impact of buffer threshold and buffer size on packet loss and mean packet delay in these mechanisms.