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Weerasinghe, C., Ogunbona, P. & Li, W. (2001). 2D to pseudo-3D conversion of "head and shoulder" images using feature based parametric disparity maps. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (pp. 963-966).


This paper presents a method of converting a 2D still photo containing the head & shoulders of a human (e.g. a passport photo) to pseudo-3D, so that the depth can be perceived via stereopsis. This technology has the potential to be included in self-serve photo booths and, also as an added accessory (i.e. software package) for digital still cameras and scanners. The basis of the algorithm is to exploit the ability of the human visual system in combining monoscopic and stereoscopic cues for depth perception. Common facial features are extracted from the 2D photograph, in order to create a parametric depth map that conforms to the available monoscopic depth cues. The original 2D photograph and the created depth map are used to generate left and right views for stereoscopic viewing. The algorithm is implemented in software, and promising results are obtained.