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Broadhurst, M. K., Butcher, P. A. & Cullis, B. R. (2011). Post-release mortality of angled sand mullet (Myxus elongatus: Mugilidae). Fisheries Research, 107 (1-3), 272-275.


Grey mullets (Mugilidae) are important to recreational fisheries throughout the developed world. In Australia, several species are angled and then released in large numbers; all with virtually unknown fate. In response to the need for such data to facilitate effective stock management, this study sought to quantify the post-release mortality and key causal factors for sand mullet (Myxus elongatus). A total of 125 fish were conventionally angled, and then released along with 50 controls into floating cages in a south eastern Australian estuary, where they were monitored for four days. Five treatment fish died, providing a non-significant mortality of 4%. The few fatalities were mostly explained by a significant positive relationship with the length of trace (between the float and hook) used, and bleeding during release. While sand mullet appear quite tolerant of catch and release, their welfare nevertheless could be improved through simple changes to fishing strategies.



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