Towards agent-oriented approach to a call management system



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Ashamalla, A. Nabil., Beydoun, G. & Low, G. C. (2011). Towards agent-oriented approach to a call management system. In W. Song, S. Xu, c. Wan, Y. Zhong, W. Wojtkowski, G. Wojtkowski & H. Linger (Eds.), Information Systems Development: Asian Experiences (pp. 345-356). New York, NY, USA: Springer.


There is more chance of a completed sale if the end customers and relationship managers are suitably matched. This in turn can reduce the number of calls made by a call centre reducing operational costs such as working time and phone bills. This chapter is part of ongoing research aimed at helping a CMC to make better use of its personnel and equipment while maximizing the value of the service it offers to its client companies and end customers. This is accomplished by ensuring the optimal use of resources with appropriate real-time scheduling and load balancing and matching the end customers to appropriate relationship managers. In a globalized market, this may mean taking into account the cultural environment of the customer, as well as the appropriate profile and/or skill of the relationship manager to communicate effectively with the end customer. The chapter evaluates the suitability of a MAS to a call management system and illustrates the requirement analysis phase using i* models.

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