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Paechter, B., Pitt, J., Serbedzija, N., Michael, K., willies, J. & Helgason, I. (2011). Heaven and hell: visions for pervasive adaptation. In Proceedings of the 2nd European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011 (FET 11), 4-6 May, 2011, Budapest Hungary. Procedia Computer Science, 7 (N/A), 81-82.


With everyday objects becoming increasingly smart and the "info-sphere" being enriched with nano-sensors and networked to computationally-enabled devices and services, the way we interact with our environment has changed significantly, and will continue to change rapidly in the next few years. Being user-centric, novel systems will tune their behaviour to individuals, taking into account users' personal characteristics and preferences. But having a pervasive adaptive environment that understands and supports us "behaving naturally" with all its tempting charm and usability, may also bring latent risks, as we seamlessly give up our privacy (and also personal control) to a pervasive world of business-oriented goals of which we simply may be unaware.

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