A cloud based information integration platform for smart cars



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Xu, Y. & Yan, J. (2011). A cloud based information integration platform for smart cars. 2nd International Conference on the Emerging Areas of Security-Enriched Urban Computing and Smart Grids, SUComS 2011 (pp. 241-250). Berlin, Germany: Springer.


Current in-car computers have limited processing capabilities, and the content in smart car applications is poor extension. Even more, tradition software install approach which was used in smart cars lacks neither economy nor convenience. To solve these issues, we introduced a Cloud based Information Integration Platform for Smart Cars that has the ability to encourage flexibility in smart cars and enhance the value of them. To achieve the smart control and information sharing in smart cars, the platform collects data on the CAN bus automatically, with the ability to process CAN bus messages in Clouds. The Smart Car Information Service as the user interface was used to implement smart cars applications through customized business process. This fill up the information processing gap between the smart cars and cloud computing. Furthermore, we can use this platform for different purposes in smart cars.

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