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Chow, Y., Pose, R. & Regan, M. (2005). Large object segmentation with region priority rendering. Proceedings of the 28th Australasian Computer Science Conference in Research and Practice in Information Technology (pp. 19-28). Australia: Australian Computer Society.


The Address Recalculation Pipeline is a hardware architecture designed to reduce the end-to-end latency suffered by immersive Head Mounted Display virtual reality systems. A demand driven rendering technique known as priority rendering was devised for use in conjunction with the address recalculation pipeline. Using this technique, different sections of a scene can be updated at different rates, resulting in reductions to the rendering load.Further reductions can potentially be achieved by allowing for the segmenting of large objects. However in doing so a tearing problem surfaces, which has to be overcome before large object segmentation can be used effectively in priority rendering. This paper demonstrates a way of organizing virtual world objects for priority rendering, as well as a method to hide scene tearing artefacts due to object segmentation.

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Australasian Computer Science Conference