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Jayendra, G., kumarawadu, S. & Meegahapola, L. (2007). RFID-based anti-theft auto security system with an immobilizer. Conference Proceedings - 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems 2007 (pp. 441-446). USA: IEEE.


This paper presents a novel radio frequency identification (RFID) based vehicle immobilizer system, which features low hacking probability while preserving the safety of the passengers of the hijacked vehicle. The immobilizer uses the active RFID technology where the tag is generated with comparatively large character sets. The receiving unit is intelligently integrated into three control circuits in the vehicle, namely, ignition circuit, power control unit, and automatic gear changing system, enabling it to bring the vehicle speed down to zero in a safe step by step manner. The anti-theft auto security system proposed here was tested under different weather conditions and possible signal distortion situations to verify its reliability.



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