Towards bio-inspired cost minimisation for data-intensive service provision



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Wang, L., Shen, J. (2012). Towards bio-inspired cost minimisation for data-intensive service provision. 2012 IEEE First International Conference on Services Economics (pp. 16-23). USA: IEEE.


The world is filled with an unimaginably vast amount of digital information which is getting even vaster and even growing more rapidly. The enormous new data is impacting every area of our society. The real strategic value of the data can determine what will happen and what can be discovered in the future. To better use the so called “Big Data”, automatic business process or workflow is needed to process large quantity of data. Biological systems present fascinating features, such as autonomy, scalability, adaptability, and robustness. The bio-inspired concepts and mechanisms have been successfully applied to service oriented systems. In this study, by reviewing a number of studies which applied biological concepts and principles to solve problems of service provision, we proposed a bio-inspired cost minimisation mechanism for dataintensive service provision. It utilizes bio-inspired mechanisms to search and find the optimal data service solution considering cost of data management and service maintenance. The newly composed data-intensive service will be a timely contribution to “Big Data” research.

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