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R. Causley, C. David. Cook & S. Gower, "Design of a high temperature superconductor magnetic energy storage systems," in AUPEC 2001, 2001, pp. 322-325.


The University of Wollongong (UoW) has received funding for the research and development of a 20 kJ high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage device (HTS SMES). This SMES will be operated at 25 K in contrast to most existing HTS designs, which operate at 77K. This paper includes a literature review of the current technology for the configuration of the SMES coil and a summary of the work done at UoW to date. Solenoidal and toroidal coils designs are compared to determine which will provide the required level of energy stored for a minimum superconductor and device volume. The design for the proposed SMES is evaluated with respect to UoW’s requirements.