Managing virtual and physical mobility for mobile immersive voice communications



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Dowlatshahi, M. & Safaei, F. (2005). Managing virtual and physical mobility for mobile immersive voice communications. In M. Billinghurst, R. Grasset & M. Ollila (Eds.), International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (pp. 117-122). New Zealand: The HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury.


Delivery of immersive communications to mobile devices presents several technical challenges. These include the limitations of wireless link bandwidth and scarcity of computational resources in mobile devices. We propose a system design to overcome these bottlenecks based on a distributed proxy model where bandwidth management tasks and low level functions associated with service mobility are implemented in proxies within the fixed network infrastructure. However, additional complexity is introduced with respect to mobility management. This is associated with both mobility of avatars in the virtual world and movement of users in the physical world. This paper proposes an efficient method to enable adaptation of the communication flows between the distributed proxies in response to both virtual and physical movements.

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