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This article was originally published as: Lukasiak, J & Burnett, I, Low rate WI SEW representation using a REW-implicit pulse model, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, August 2001, 8(8), 228-230. Copyright IEEE 2001.


Reducing the bit rate of waveform interpolation speech coders while maintaining the perceptual quality has been the focus of a great deal of research. This letter proposes a new method of slowly evolving waveform (SEW) quantization specifically targeted at low rate coding. The proposed method uses a pulse model whose parameters are implicitly contained in the quantized rapidly evolving waveform (REW) parameters, thus requiring no bits for transmission. Results indicate no degradation in perceptual speech quality when compared to that of the existing SEW quantization method. This retention of perceptual quality is in spite of a 12% reduction in the overall coder bit rate.



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