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Khan, Z. & Samuel, S. D. 2009, 'E-cheating, online sources and technologies: a critical review of existing literature', 9th Global conference of business and economics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 1-15.


Being tech-savvy in the twenty-first century is no eye-brow raiser. It is more the norm than the exception. Every academic institution across borders is trying hard to keep up with the technology outside classroom, bringing it to the students inside classrooms to help and enhance their teaching and learning experience. While their achievements have been very well received and appreciated, the negative impacts have not gone totally ignored. From defining technology in the classrooms, to looking closely at cheating, how to detect them and curb them, a lot has been written by various authors in different disciplines. This paper, however, identifies research questions that have not been addressed sufficiently in the literature and suggests specific research areas for further investigation into the possible casual implications of readily-available technology, other than the Internet, and increased online-sources on student attitude towards e-cheating.