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Polden, J., Pan, Z., Larkin, N., van Duin, S. & Norrish, J. (2011). Offline programming for a complex welding system using DELMIA automation. In T. Tarn, S. Chen & G. Fang (Eds.), Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation : RWIA'2010, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 88, 341-349. Berlin: Springer.


This paper presents an offline programming (OLP) system for a complex robotic welding cell using DELMIA Automation. The goals of this research are aimed at investigating the feasibility of taking a commercially available robotic simulation package, DELMIA, and to use a Visual Basic Automation interface to reduce the programming time by creating automated ‘modules’ to carry out some of the tasks in the OLP process. The paper first investigates and presents the structure of OLP as a discreet method of individual steps. These steps are then evaluated for their potential as an automation candidate. The methods in which these steps are automated are then presented. A general analysis of the developed OLP system was carried out, providing a scope for future research and development



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