A disaster management metamodel (DMM) validated



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Othman, S. Hajar. & Beydoun, G. (2010). A disaster management metamodel (DMM) validated. In The 11th International Workshop on Knowledge Management and Acquisition for Smart Systems and Services, PKAW 2010, 30 Aug-3 Sept, Daegu, Korea. Lecture notes in computer science, 6323 111-125.


In this paper, we present the development and validation of a Disaster Management Metamodel, a language that we develop specific for describing disaster management domain, as a foundational component to create a decision support system to unify, facilitate and expedite access to disaster management expertise. The metamodel which consists of four views based on disaster management phases including Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recoveryphase classes is developed by using seven (7) steps of metamodel creation process. To check the expressiveness and the completeness aspect of the metamodel, we validate this representational metamodel by analysing a validation over ten well-known disaster management metamodels which are chosen based on a Model Importance Factor criteria. The paper presents the synthesis process, the resulting metamodel and its validation.

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