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Al Qaimari, G. (2005). Web globalization: a methodology for developing usable websites for the global market. In K. Soliman (Eds.), Internet and Information Technology in Modern Organizations: Challenges and Answers (pp. 81-87). Cairo: International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA).


In today’s global economy, with the appearance of the Internet and the fast evolution of technology, the frontiers of local markets have been fading and blending with global markets. These markets with no boundaries have lead many companies, organizations, educational institutions, and digital libraries to develop their own websites, and to find ways to make them usable and accessible and their products saleable to customers outside their traditional markets. Going global can help corporations lower the cost of entry to international trade, increase sales, create global demands, and establish a reliable, professional and international image online.

This means that website development methodologies must be modified to truthfully reflect and accommodate the needs of a global design. This research work contributes to the study of this complex and challenging issue by proposing a practical and user-centred global website development lifecycle (Global-WDLC) that supports internationalization and localization.