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Ismail, A., Yan, J. & Shen, J. (2009). Dynamic service selection for service composition with time constraints. Australian Software Engineering Conference (pp. 183-190). Los Alamitos, USA: IEEE.


Service selection is a kind of planning approach that evaluates and selects from multiple services to form a composite plan. In service selection, we found one additional issue that has not been investigated yet namely time constraints consistency among composite services. This issue is significant because there are potential time constraints involved that might cause inconsistency between selected services although they can offer aggregated QoS that satisfy global requirements. Furthermore, there might be some unintended waiting time to be considered in the QoS aggregation. Thus, this paper contributes to the analysis on the problem caused by the time constraints and proposes general selection approach to tackle these issues. The approach comprises two major functionalities; (i) exploration of the process model based on patterns, (ii) evaluation of candidates based on time constraints and objective functions.



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