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K. Zou, W. W. Keerthipala & S. Perera, "Saidi minimization of a remote distribution feeder," in Conference Proceedings of the 2007 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference: AUPEC 2007, 2007, pp. 342-346.


Distribution system reliability assessment is an important part of distribution system operation and planning. This paper presents some approaches taken to minimize the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) for a remote distribution feeder in an 11kV distribution system. Resulting from unavailability of alternative backup supplies from the other adjacent feeders, distributed generators (DG) can be used as backup supplies in this case. Coordinating distribution automation (DA) system with DGs, the restoration area can be made larger and the outage time can be shorter, consequently, the distribution system reliability can be improved significantly. In this paper, factors affecting SAIDI are discussed and methods including feeder reconfiguration, recloser installation and replacement and DG installation are applied to minimize SAIDI. Comparative studies are performed and related results are addressed.



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