Designing a culturally specific e-learning website



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McFarlane, P. S. (2007). Designing a culturally specific e-learning website. In H. Arabnia & M. Bahrami Samani (Eds.), 2007 International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government (pp. 28-30). Las Vegas Nevada: CSREA Press.


Western Universities have delivered subjects via a variety of means for years. Although business has explored the concept of different cultures requiring different interfaces on their web sites; little has been done to explore the impact of culture on e-learning. This paper explores the development of culturally specific e-learning web sites based in Australia but being delivered in Dubai. The theories of Geert Hofstede were used to explore the culture of Dubai. The web construct was based on St Amant’s work on culturally specific web sites. Computer science students were then surveyed to determine their reaction to the culturally specific web site.

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