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Hill, J. M. & Stump, D. (2005). On an infinite integral arising in the numerical integration of stochastic differential equations. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 461 (2054), 397-413.


We study a stochastic integral that arises during the implementation of the Milstein method for the numerical integration of systems of stochastic differential equations. The distribution of the integral can be written as the inverse Fourier transform of a characteristic function with essential singularities. This leads to a generalized integral that can be expressed as an infinite series involving the derivatives of Meixner polynomials. The generating function of the polynomials in combination with the Mittag–Leffler expansion theorem is used to obtain a novel series representation for the integral and the motivating problem in particular. This new form is rapidly convergent and, therefore, well suited to numerical work.



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