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Naumann, U., Luta, G. & Wand, M. P.. (2010). The curvHDR method for gating flow cytometry samples. BMC Bioinformatics, 11 44-56.


Background: High-throughput flow cytometry experiments produce hundreds of large multivariate samples of cellular characteristics. These samples require specialized processing to obtain clinically meaningful measurements. A major component of this processing is a form of cell subsetting known as gating. Manual gating is timeconsuming and subjective. Good automatic and semi-automatic gating algorithms are very beneficial to highthroughput flow cytometry.

Results: We develop a statistical procedure, named curvHDR, for automatic and semi-automatic gating. The method combines the notions of significant high negative curvature regions and highest density regions and has the ability to adapt well to human-perceived gates. The underlying principles apply to dimension of arbitrary size, although we focus on dimensions up to three. Accompanying software, compatible with contemporary flow cytometry infor-matics, is developed.

Conclusion: The method is seen to adapt well to nuances in the data and, to a reasonable extent, match human perception of useful gates. It offers big savings in human labour when processing high-throughput flow cytometry data whilst retaining a good degree of efficacy.



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