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N. Mendis, K. Muttaqi & S. Perera, Voltage quality behaviour of a wind turbine based remote area power system, in IEEE Conference on Industrial Technology, 2009 (ICIT 2009), pp. 1-6.


The power quality behaviour of a Remote Area Power System (RAPS) consisting of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), its main loads and a dummy load is presented in this paper. The dummy load is used to maintain the power balance of the system under changing wind and loading conditions. The performance of the remote area power system subject to various loading conditions has been evaluated in terms of the voltage quality, an aspect which has not received much attention in the past. The existing Distributed Generation (DG) power quality standards are taken as the basis to compare the voltage quality of the simulated waveforms. The simulation results indicate that the system evaluated is able to maintain the load bus bar voltage and frequency within tight limits whereas a better harmonic performance can be achieved if adequate filtering is employed. The model was developed using SimPowerSystem tool box in MATLAB.



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