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This paper originally appeared as: Raad, M, Burnett, I and Mertin, A, Multi-rate and multi-resolution scalable to lossless audio compression using PSPIHT, Proceedings. Seventh International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications, 1-4 July 2003, vol 2, 121-124. Copyright IEEE 2003.


This paper presents a scalable to lossless compression scheme that allows scalability in terms of sampling rate as well as quantization resolution. The scheme presented is perceptually scalable and it also allows lossless compression. The scheme produces smooth objective scalability, in terms of SNR, until lossless compression is achieved. The scheme is built around the perceptual SPIHT algorithm, which is a modification of the SPIHT algorithm. Objective and subjective results are given that show perceptual as well as objective scalability. The subjective results given also show that the proposed scheme performs comparably with the MPEG-4 AAC coder at 16, 32 and 64 kbps.