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Pan, Z. & Zhang, H. 2008, ''Robotic machining from programming to process control: a complete solution by force control'', Industrial Robot, vol. 35, no. 5, pp. 400-409.


This paper aims to present the critical issues and methodologies to improve robotic machining performance with flexile industrial robots. Design/methodology/approach – A complete solution using active force control is introduced to address various issues during the robotic machining process.

Programming complex couture parts without a CAD model is made easy by using force control functions such as lead-through and path-learning. The problem of process control is treated with a novel methodology that consists of stiffness modeling, real-time deformation compensation for quality and controlled material removal rate for process efficiency.

Experimental results showed that higher productivity as well as better surface quality can be achieved, indicating a promising and practical use of industrial robots for machining applications that is not available at present.



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