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Li, E., Xi, J., Chicharo, J. F., Peng, X., Yao, J. & Zhang, D. (2005). Multi-frequency and multiple phase-shift sinusoidal fringe projection for 3D profilometry. Optics Express, 13 (5), 1561-1569. Copyright the Optical Society.


In this paper, we report on a laser fringe projection set-up, which can generate fringe patterns with multiple frequencies and phase shifts. Stationary fringe patterns with sinusoidal intensity distributions are produced by the interference of two laser beams, which are frequency modulated by a pair of acousto-optic modulators (AOMs). The AOMs are driven by two RF signals with the same frequency but a phase delay between them. By changing the RF frequency and the phase delay, the fringe spatial frequency and phase shift can be electronically controlled, which allows high-speed switching from one frequency or phase to another thus makes a dynamic 3D profiling possible.



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