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Cheng, E., Davis, S. J., Burnett, I. & Ritz, C. H. (2011). An ambient multimedia user experience feedback framework based on user tagging and EEG biosignals. 4th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME 2011) (pp. 61-66). Tampere:


Multimedia is increasingly accessed online and within social networks; however, users are typically limited to visual/auditory stimulus through media presented onscreen with accompanying audio over speakers. Whilst recent research studying additional ambient sensory multimedia effects recorded numerical scores of perceptual quality, the users’ time-varying emotional response to the ambient sensory feedback is not considered. This paper thus introduces a framework to evaluate user ambient quality of multimedia experience and discover users’ time-varying emotional responses through explicit user tagging and implicit EEG biosignal analysis. In the proposed framework, users interact with the media via discrete tagging activities whilst their EEG biosignal emotional feedback is continuously monitored in-between user tagging events with emotional states correlated with media content and tags.