Practical RFID ownership transfer scheme



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Ng, C., Susilo, W., Mu, Y. & Safavi-Naini, R. (2010). Practical RFID ownership transfer scheme. In Y. Li & J. Zhou (Eds.), Radio Frequency Identification System Security: RFIDsec'10 Asia Workshop Proceedings (pp. 33-47). Amsterdam: IOS Press.


When an RFID tag changes hand, it is not as simply as handing over the tag secret to the new owner. Privacy is a concern if there is no secure ownership transfer scheme to aid the transfer. After sales service and temporary tag delegation are also features commonly seen in such applications. In this paper, we proposed a new RFID ownership transfer scheme that achieves the most security protections and properties in comparison to most of the previous schemes. We also introduced four new security properties that have not been considered before. This opens up new research directions for further development of RFID ownership transfer.

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