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This paper originally appeared as : Russell, I, Xi, J, Mertins, A and Chicharo, JF, Integration of DFT and cosine-modulated filter banks with blind separation of convolutively mixed non-stationary sources, Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop Proceedings, 18-21 July 2004, 441-445. Copyright IEEE 2004.


In this paper, oversampled M channel FIR filter banks using both DFT modulation and cosine modulation designs are used in conjunction with a time domain blind source separation (BSS) algorithm I. Russell et al., (2003). This BSS algorithm has been shown to blindly separate the fullband versions of non-stationary convolutively mixed sources in the time domain. However further savings on convergence and computational complexity can be made by using subband decomposition on the mixed signals before implementation of the time domain BSS algorithm in each subband. An extended lapped transform (ELT) prototype is modulated using a cosine-modulated (CM) FIR filter bank and then with a DFT modulated FIR filter bank. Both of these designs are compared to the typical frequency domain BSS approach to solving these convolutive non-stationary BSS problems such as in L. Parra et al., (2000). The signal to interference ratio (SIR) is used as the performance metric to evaluate and analyse the comparison of the three separation methods.