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This article was originally published as: Xi, J, Yu, Y, Chicharo, JF & Bosch, T, Estimating the parameters of semiconductor lasers based on weak optical feedback self-mixing interferometry, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, August 2005, 41(8), 1058-1064. Copyright IEEE 2005.


The paper presents a practical approach for measuring the linewidth enhancement factor /spl alpha/ of semiconductor lasers and the optical feedback level factor C in a semiconductor laser with an external cavity. The proposed approach is based on the analysis of the signals observed in an optical feedback self-mixing interferometric system. The parameters /spl alpha/ and C are estimated using a gradient-based optimization algorithm that achieves best data-to-theoretical model match. The effectiveness and accuracy of the method has been confirmed and tested by computer simulations and experiments, which show that the proposed approach is able to estimate /spl alpha/ and C with an accuracy of 6.7% and 4.63%, respectively.



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