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Michael, K., Roussos, G., Huang, G. Q., Chattopadhyay, A., Gadh, R., Prabhu, B. S. & Chu, P. (2010). Planetary-scale RFID Services in an Age of Uberveillance. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Proceedings., 98 (9), 1663-1671.


Radio-frequency identification has a great number of unfulfilled prospects. Part of the problem until now has been the value proposition behind the technology- it has been marketed as a replacement technique for the barcode when the reality is that it has far greater capability than simply non-line-of-sight identification, towards decision-making in strategic management and reengineered business processes. The vision of the Internet of Things has not eventuated but a world in which every object you can see around you carries the possibility of being connected to the internet is still within the realm of possibility. However incremental innovations may see RFID being sold as a service (much like photocopiers are maintained today), than a suite of technologies within a system that are sold as individual or bundled packaged components. This paper outlines the vision for such a product service system, what kinds of smart applications we are likely to see in the future as a result, and the importance of data management capabilities in planetary-scale systems.

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