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This article was originally published as: Gosbell, VJ, Baitch, A & Bollen, MHJ, The reporting of distribution power quality surveys, CIGRE/IEEE PES International Symposium on Quality and Security of Electric Power Delivery Systems, 8-10 October 2003, 48-53. Copyright IEEE 2003.


Power quality surveys can contain a large amount of data for many sites and several utilities. A reporting format needs to be adopted which gives useful insights without sacrificing detail. It is recommended that a three level structure be adopted with site, network and utility component styles. The first of these is the presentation of the raw data in slightly abbreviated form while the second allows all sites in one network to be ranked according to severity of their power quality disturbances. Utility reporting allows comparison between the overall power quality performance of different utilities in benchmarking studies. Some new data analysis algorithms are proposed to show how the reporting styles should be implemented.