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Thamwattana, N., Baowan, D., Cox, B. J. & Hill, J. M. (2008). Mechanics of fullerene-carbon nanotube bundle oscillators. In E. Croitorao (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (CanCNSM, 2008) (pp. 9-18). Canada: University of Victoria, BC Canada.


Carbon nanostructures, such as nanotubes and fullerenes, are of considerableinterest to a wide range of research communities. Owing to their unique properties, a numberof applications involving these structures have been proposed, one of which is the so-callednano-scaled oscillators, for which the resultant oscillatory frequencies are in the gigahertzrange. The phenomena of the gigahertz oscillations have also led to the possible creation offuture devices, such as ultra-fast optical filters and ultra-sensitive nano-antennae. In thispaper we present recent developments in this area and review the authors recent work,where we investigate the mechanics of a new type of gigahertz oscillator comprising afullerene C60 oscillating within the centre of a uniform concentric ring or bundle of carbonnanotubes. Using the Lennard-Jones potential and the continuum approach, for which carbonatoms are assumed to be uniformly distributed across the surface of a molecule, we providethe underlying mechanisms of these nano-scaled oscillators.