Efficient and short certificateless signature



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Tso, R., Yi, X. & Huang, X. (2008). Efficient and short certificateless signature. In M. K.. Franklin, L. Chi Kwong Hui & D. S. Wong (Eds.), International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (pp. 64-79). Germany: Springer.


A certificateless signature (CLS) scheme with short signaturesize is proposed in this paper. Our scheme is as efficient as BLSshort signature scheme in both communication and computation, andtherefore turns out to be more efficient than other CLS schemes proposedso far. We provide a rigorous security proof of our scheme in therandom oracle model. The security of our scheme is based on the k-CAAhard problem and a new discovered hard problem, namely, modified k-CAA problem. Our scheme can be applied to systems where signaturesare typed in by human or systems with low-bandwidth channels and/orlow-computation power, such as PDAs or cell phones.

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