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Caldwell, R., Lin, Y. & Zhang, R. (2008). Correlations of Length Distributions between Non-coding and Coding Sequences of Arabidopsis Thaliana. IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, BIBM 2008 (pp. 72-77). Los Alamitos, California, Washington, Tokyo: IEEE Computer Society.


Gene length and organization are important attributes of genomics. With a large amount of sequence data becoming available, statistical analyses can be applied to this data and will offer beneficial output to research communities. Previous work in this field has focused on protein length and its coding region, while we are also investigating the non-coding regions, as well as trying to uncover any potential correlation that may exist between the regions. Analysis on the Arabidopsis thaliana found there was a strong correlation between the coding sequence length and the 3 UTR region, conditional on the 5 UTR ratios. These results seemed consistent over all chromosomes and data that either contained or lacked introns. Classification of proteins into functional classes presented several interesting results. It was found that the number of proteins in a specific functional category decreased as the value of the 5 UTR ratio length, separated into eight subsets, increased. This work has revealed some possible correlations between different gene regions.



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