Nominative signature from ring signature



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Liu, D. Y.W.., Chang, S., Wong, D. S. & Mu, Y. (2007). Nominative signature from ring signature. In A. Miyaji, H. Kikuchi & K. Rannenberg (Eds.), International Workshop on Security (pp. 396-411). Germany: Springer-Verlag.


Since the introduction of nominative signature (NS) in 1996, there have been a handful of schemes proposed and almost all of them have been found flawed. The only one which is secure requires multi-round of communications between the nominator and the nominee for signature generation. In this paper, we propose a novel construction which is efficient and requires only one-move communication for signature generation. We also show that the construction is secure under the strongest security model currently available and the reductionist proofs only rely on standard number-theoretic assumptions. As of independent interest, our construction illustrates an interesting use of ring signature.

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