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This paper originally appeared as: Rong, L and Burnett, I, Dynamic resource adaptation in a heterogeneous peer-to-peer environment, Second IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 3-6 January 2005, 416-420. Copyright IEEE 2005.


This paper focuses on metadata-based, multimedia resource representation and retrieval in a P2P environment as a means of universal multimedia access (UMA). The primary focus of the work is a P2P architecture, which uses MPEG-21 as standards based technique to dynamically adapt resources to various usage environments. In the architecture, a super peer based approach is used to cluster peers, store peer information, perform searches and instruct peers to adapt/send resources. Also a two-stages based adaptation method is introduced to adapt search results and resources in an intelligent manner based on the usage environment attributes. The concept is demonstrated using a test-bed built based on the JXTA peer-to-peer framework. In addition, simulation results show that the proposed architecture reduces download time while increasing resource availabilities and download speed in the network when compared to traditional P2P systems.



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