Identity-based anonymous designated ring signatures



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Chen, Y., Susilo, W. & Mu, Y. (2006). Identity-based anonymous designated ring signatures. In M. Guizani & H. Chen (Eds.), ACM International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (pp. 189-194). USA: ACM Press.


In this paper, we propose the concept of identity-based anonymous designated ring signature. This concept extends the existing notion of ring signatures in two ways: firstly, it allows a member from the ring to sign a message directed to a designated verifier, but secondly, we would like to have an anonymous designated verifier. At a glance, these two additional properties seem contradictory, but we shall show an example of situation where this kind of primitive is required. We present a formal model of such a scheme, and proceed with a construction based on bilinear pairings. Our scheme is provably secure under the random oracle model.

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