Implementation of a mobile MPEG-21 peer



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Lauf, S. & Burnett, I. S. (2005). Implementation of a mobile MPEG-21 peer. In T. Chua & H. Zhang (Eds.), ACM Multimedia (pp. 323-326). USA: Association for Computing Machinery Inc (ACM).


The MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework aims to realize interoperable access to content across heterogeneous networks and devices. Within the Framework, the concept of Digital Items is introduced as a structured digital representation for multimedia. To demonstrate the applicability of MPEG-21 to seamless multimedia interactions on limited platforms, the authors have produced an implementation of MPEG-21 for a mobile device, in Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). This paper examines the design and implementation of the Mobile MPEG-21 Peer, including a specialized architecture and processing mechanisms specific to the J2ME platform.

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