Dynamic team forming in self-interested multi-agent systems



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Bai, Q. & Zhang, M. (2005). Dynamic team forming in self-interested multi-agent systems. In J. Carbonell & J. Siekmann (Eds.), AI 2005: Advances in Artificial Intelligence (pp. 674-683). Germany: Springer.


As social entities, intelligent agents need to collaborate with others, regardless of whether they are cooperative or self-interested. The durations of agent collaborations can be long-term or “one-shot”. Nowadays, many multi-agent system applications require the system to work in open and dynamic domains. In such dynamic environments, how long collaboration should be kept among particular agents are always a problem to be discussed. In this paper, we focus on general self-interested multi-agent systems and analyze the advantages and disadvantages that can be brought by one-shot teams and long-term teams. Furthermore, we present a mechanism that can enable agents to form teams with reasonable terms and objects.

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