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Abdul Ghaffar, A. Rahman., Beydoun, G., Shen, J. & Tibben, W. (2011). Towards knowledge management in sports event management: Context analysis of Malaysian biannual games with CommonKADS. ICSOFT 2011: 6th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (pp. 377-383). Spain: SciTePress. Original conference information available here


Context Analysis (CA) is typically used as an early phase preceding the development of a knowledge-based systems in order to indicate how the system should interact with its environment and the various stakeholders. We undertake a detailed context analysis of business processes of the Malaysian Games (MG)to highlight blind spots of the process and enable the identification of an initial sports event knowledge management (KM) framework. Firstly, our CommonKADS driven analysis highlights how we can improve the business process and enable the organization to develop, distribute and apply its knowledge resources effectively. Secondly, the paper highlights specific features about the domain of sports events management and accordingly presents a set of recommendations to extend the CA of CommonKADS to improve its applicability to Sports Events Management in general.