On certain fixed point subgroups of affine Kac-Moody groups



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Ramagge, J. (1995). On certain fixed point subgroups of affine Kac-Moody groups. Journal of Algebra, 171 473-514.


In this paper we give a detailed description of the fixed point subgroups of certain Kac-Moody groups under particular automorphisms. We consider Kac-Moody groups arising from simply laced extended Cartan matrices and their fixed point subgroups under automorphisms which contain a non-trivial field automorphism constituent as well as a non-trivial graph automorphism constituent. We show that such a situation satisfies all the conditions of a theorem of J-Y. Hée "Torsion de groupes munis dune donnée radicelle, Théorème (4.5)" which concludes that the fixed point subgroup has a B , N )-pair and a system of root subgroups. This paper contains some of the results in the authors doctoral thesis "On Some Twisted Kac-Moody Groups".

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