How should power quality be reported?



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Gosbell, V. J., Robinson, D. A., Smith, V. W. & Barr, R. A. (2004). How should power quality be reported?. Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 1 (2), 109-120.


Regulators are increasingly asking utilities to conduct 'quality control' surveys on selected parts of their power system to establish the level of power quality. This activity leads can lead to a vast amount of data and its reporting needs to be carefully thought out if desired insights are to be achieved. Three styles are identified as serving most purposes - Site, Network and Utility reporting. These are designed to give respectively all the data of one site, summary data for each monitored site in the network, and average values across the utility's system. The data analysis to be used in reporting must be oriented to the parameters used by standards to limit PQ disturbance levels. However, a review of standards reveals some impractical and inconsistent procedures and some deviation is necessary.

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