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D. A. Robinson & V. J. Gosbell, "Allocating harmonic emission to MV customers in long feeder systems," in AUPEC2003, 2003, pp. 48 -1-48-6.


Previous work has attempted to find satisfactory methods for the allocation of harmonic current emission MV subsystems containing long feeders. It has been proposed that best use of the network's harmonic absorption capacity is made if the allocated current varies with the inverse square root of the harmonic impedance at the point of connection. It has been shown that an exact solution following this principle requires an impracticably large amount of data. Here it is assumed that each feeder supplied from a given substation has its load distributed uniformly and continuously along it, giving equations requiring only a modest amount of data. It is demonstrated by means of a suitable example that the method is sufficiently accurate for practical situations where loads are lumped non-uniformly.