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Jennifer Seberry, Bose's method of differences applied to construct Bhaskar Rao designs, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 73, (1998), 215-224. Presented at R. C. Bose Memorial Conference on Statistical Design and Related Combinatorics, Colorado Springs, 7-11 June, 1995.


In this paper we show that BIBD(v,b,r,k,λ) where v = pq or pq + 1, when written in the notation of Bose's method of differences may often be used to find generalized Bhaskar Rao designs GBRD(p,b',r',k,λ;G) where G is a group of order q and vice versa. This gives many new GBRDs including a GBRD(9,5,5;Z5) and a GBRD(13,7,7;Z7).



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